Academics Through Music


Rockademix Song Samples

The Rockademix program uses original songs to teach kids academics. The songs unify different strands of academic material, including language arts, history, science, and technology, into a cohesive theme that the students can easily embrace and retain.


“Not only is Jon a really great teacher, he’s also a very good musician. The lyrics he’s written are absolutely first class. I mean, really good. And each song is a very viable and succinct lesson. I’ve been writing songs for forty years and I was amazed. Really.”

Dennis Walker, Three-Time Grammy-Award Winning Songwriter & Producer


We invite you to listen to these excerpts to get a sense of the Rockademix songs.


The Constitution Song
By Jonathan Schwartz
Allow me to present the story of a paper
And summarize some facts about it’s famous shapers
From Barrow in Alaska to El Paso’s Rio Grande
The work they did in Philly’s still the law of the land
In order to form a more perfect union,
The Founding Fathers created the U.S. Constitution

Fractions Funk
By Jonathan Schwartz
If this all seems hard, draw a simple rectangle, two sets of sides parallel and 4 right angles
Cut it once to make halves, and twice to make thirds, divide it up equal, pay attention to the words
Fractions math is like a game, one-half and five-tenth’s value is the same
It’s more than the size of the denominator; gotta look close, check the numerator
One over and one, two over two, equivalent to ten-tenths yes it’s true
Like 5 over 5’s no greater than one, and two thousand pounds is the same as a ton.

The Kid From Cabo
By Jonathan Schwartz
In Kona, Hawaii, and the Barrier Reef
there’s a fishing story being told that’s hard to believe;
The Capitans in Costa, and the mates in Key West,
are turning green with envy and pretend they’re not impressed.
From Hatteras N.C., to the shores of Belize,
they’re talking ‘bout the kid from Cabo named Jacqueline.

Twenty miles from shore, in the blue Sea of Cortez
swim the wahoo and the mahi, aquatic thoroughbreds.
Cabo’s known for marlin, tuna balling bait,
the former is released, the latter makes a plate.
When the boats get to Los Arcos, they raise their flags up high;
the anglers tip the capitans and wave the crew bye-bye.

Figurative Language Blues
By Jonathan Schwartz
Well you’ve probably heard the fable of the turtle and the rabbit,
How the bunny lost the race because he lacked good habits;
But did you know the entire story
Is a metaphor for life, a kind of allegory?

The rabbit symbolizes wasted talent and pride,
The turtle illustrates how effort turns the tide,
The race is a symbol for a goal that you chase,
The life lesson’s that slow and steady wins the race

Don’t count your chicken before they hatch.
Pride comes before the fall, that’s a matter of fact.
Put the pedal to the medal till you win the race,
Or you’ll be eating crow and humble pie with egg on your face.

Transportation History Blues
By Jonathan Schwartz
Sit down folks, and I’ll tell you a tale
About the history of the transcontinental rail
How the spike driving men, inventors and machines
Changed methods of travel in our country
I’m talking transportation blues!
Have you heard the news?
James Watt and John Henry’s skills were complementary
Talking transportation blues.

The Tech Train
By Jonathan Schwartz
Let me tell you something ‘bout the worldwide web
And the data-driven highway called the Internet
It enables system users to communicate
And access information in a place called Cyberspace
It’s an online operation
Join the Tech Train and hop on board!

Founder of Rockademix

Jon Schwartz - Founder of RockademixJon Schwartz is an award winning public schoolteacher whose work using music, the arts, and technology to boost student achievement has been featured by the US Department of Education. The California State Senate named him “Tech Hero of 2011”. He’s a published education author and his articles and videos have appeared in EdSource, Education Week, and Edutopia. He’s taught grades 1-6 in California public schools since 1997, and holds credentials in general and special education.

In 2010, Schwartz created the “Kids Like Blogs” program that pioneered the use of student blogs in elementary education. In 2012, Schwartz created the acclaimed “Kids Like Blues” Program, which used music, the visual and performing arts, and technology to help kids learn academic standards, grow self-esteem, and gain marketable skills.

Jon Schwartz using technology to enhance the educational experience.Schwartz took the 2013-2014 academic year off from teaching, and is currently developing the nonprofit Rockademix program, a state of the art academic curriculum that uses music, technology, and the visual and performing arts to teach academics and increase student engagement.

Rockademix is an easy-to-implement program that will enable all teachers to use music, the arts, and tech to help kids learn, regardless of their level of music, arts, and technology training.

Schwartz uses his passion for technology, graphic design, photography, journalism, and adventure to create learning opportunities for his students. His is also a professional outdoors photographer and writer (http://www.bluewaterjon.com) whose work has appeared in National Geographic and Field and Stream.

He lives in Carlsbad, CA with his wife and three daughters.